Night Routine for 2C Hair?

I have 2c hair, medium long length. I don't wash my hair every day, only when it gets greasy after 3-4 days. I can't find a night routine that keeps my waves/curls in tact. I end up sleeping with it in a bun, waking up, brushing it out, and wetting it with a spray bottle and then styling it like first day wet hair. There just has to be a better way.  I have tried the pineapple, but it doesn't seem to help people unless they have really really curly hair.  Any ideas on how I can change my routine so I don't have to brush out my hair in the morning?

3 Answers

try the pineapple- a very high, loose pony tail on the tippy top of your head. Also try not to sleep on cotton sheets or pillow cases because it sucks the moisture out of your hair. If you don't have a satin or silk pillow case, try getting a satin bonet.
Sounds like we have a similar hair type. I do have to wash my hair nightly in the spring because of pollen allergies. Boo! When my hair isn't being a pollen catcher, I generally sleep in two or more rope twists, Heidi-style. This gives protection and definition. In the morning, undo the twists and gently loosen with my fingers. YouTube has good videos on rope twist/rope braid if you don't know how. Good luck!
I have 2c hair but I definitely wouldn't bun it at night because that gives me creases and stretches out my curls. A very loose braid can help, or a pineapple using a scrunchie without wrapping it around your hair twice (as in, put your hair through the scrunchie and then don't double wrap it to tighten it). When I wake up in the morning my curls/waves usually loose some shape and bounce, so I just spray it with a water bottle or some light product and scrunch it with my fingers. I wouldn't wet it completely or brush it out because then you're really starting from scratch. Wetting it slightly, adding a little product (only a little because by days 3 and 4 you would have a lot of product in there) and scrunching a lot works the best for me.