Night Time Routine - Please Help.

Hi, So I am confused about curly hair. I know how to keep it healthy and moisturizer (I am still transitioning) but like I see some girls and they do like was and go'so the day before they go somewhere. And they sleep on like a satin pillowcase/bonnet. But if you do this will your curls stay the same way? In the morning do you have to moisturize your hair again? Is it damaging to do a wash and go the day you go somewhere? Please help. Thank you :)

2 Answers

Wash and go's can be done on the same day or before. Like you mentioned sleeping with a satin bonnet preserves the curls.  Sometimes when sleeping the hair with flatten out in some places or get a little frizzy on the sides.  I suggest you spritz(lightly mist) the hair with a little water and SheaMoisture's JBCO leave in conditioner cocktail mix to revive your curls.  It is not necessary to do a wash and go everyday .
At night you should section your hair in 4 then apply shea butter moisturiser or coconut oil moisturiser then twist out . Tie with a head tie for the night and in the morning take out with fingers only . If you follow this routine ,  your hair should look fabulous and curly .