On Day 3 since first time DevaCut and Set- what now?

Hi all! 30 years old and I finally find a place that is perfect to talk about my hair woes!Thanks to NaturallyCurly.com I found my nearest Deva salon ( Curls Rock Studio in Boca Raton, Fl. I live in Miami). I'm on Day 3 since the cut and I realized I have no idea how to keep my hair refreshed. They walked me through styling day of wash and setting, but now how do I keep it looking as fresh and shiny as day 1? I've been rewetting, and today I added a little bit of the gel  I purchased ( I also purchased the conditioner). I have 3b curls ( stylist said bonticelli curls). but this Florida humidty can wreak havoc on them! Any suggestions/best products to use? ( Before and After photo attached- I went in with day 4 hair.)

1 Answer

You look great!  Did you buy some of their Mister Right? Some people like that as a refresher.