Pineapple before bed ruins hair? Any other night updos?

I have 3A and 3B hair and I tried twists out and braid outs they never seem to work out for me in the morning and the pineapple works sort of but my hair kind of looks messy when i take it out! Is there any other way I can revive my hair in the morning

3 Answers

i tried to put in pineapple, but my hair always seem to matt in the direction of the pineapple. so i tried to just sleep with my hair in a twist out by itself with a satin bonnet and i does the same. so no matter what you do your hair will look messy, so when you wake up, spray some water throughout your hair and stretch it out. another thing you can do is try to make chunky twist in top of your twist that has been unraveled before you go to bed and spray your hair with water the next morning. hope this helps 
same I have 3b curls and the pineapple doesn't work for me either try what I do sleep on two braids that shape you face and in the morning take them out  and spray a little water on your hair or some coconut , argon , Moroccan oil and it moisturises your hair and helps prevenient frizz, helps restyle your hair.  
Try a satin Pillow Case. It protects your hair in terms of humidity (keeps it in your hair) and since it's slippery it doesn't squish hair as much. Another thing that makes my hair really curly and defined is sleeping with wet hair and letting it dry over night. I tend to sort of just lay down and pile it all together so it really curls either right above my head or under it. It doesn't need to be sopping wet to work.