How do you pineapple hip length hair?

I have hip length 3B hair and I toss and turn at night. Lying still is just not an option! I have heard that pineapple-ing my hair is the way to go to get decent second day hair, but how do I do this without either flattening or kinking my curls?

1 Answer

I have longish hair (definitely not as long as yours!) and found that pineappling doesn't really work for me. I found it stretches the top section straight and it looks strange when I let it down in the morning. So pineappling just doesn't do it for everyone. Maybe you could try VERY LOOSELY braiding your hair, in one braid or pigtail braids, to keep it from tangling. If you keep the braiding loose, it might not stretch your curls, and then while you sleep you can kind of toss your long braids out of the way so you don't rub your hair around a lot.