The pineapple method won't work for me.. any ideas why?

I know there is a question already but  my situation is a bit different. Whenever I try the pineapple, I feel the pineapple too loose, therefore all of my hair ' escapes' from the pineapple. Even if I still try it... the next morning I wake up with my hair down. I feel the need to twist my pineapple twice.. any ideas on what to do? By the way my hair is 3A and 3B!

2 Answers

How long is your hair? You may need to use a few bobby pins and a tighter headscarf.
You should try plopping your hair with a t shirt. Sometimes my pineapple falls out (haha funny thing to say), so I pineapple it, and then plop it with a t shirt to keep it in place :)