Is it possible to make my style last longer? And for the winter, how should I change things up?

I've just recently starting using DevaCurl products and I really like the results so far - using One Condition as leave-in & Ultra Defining Gel as a styler I can get a solid 3 days before putting my hair in a bun (too much frizz, even though I pineapple & sleep on a satin pillow). However, I'd love to get even one or two more days out of it, is it possible? And if so, what would you suggest? (I have low porosity, normal to fine, mostly 3c curls.) Also, I live in Canada so, I'm wondering, do I need to add a product or change up my routine for the winter months? (Right now I just do wash & go's every 3-4 days and deep condition once every two weeks.)Thank you for your time!

2 Answers

sounds like your hair is doing what it's supposed to do. 3-4 days is great! you can always revive your hair with water & a drop of conditioner in a spray bottle or the Deva Mister Right. spray on hair and scrunch until you see the frizz go away. if frizz is your only problem, then you're doing good. a little frizz never hurt anyone! enjoy it for what it is.
sometimes you cannot control fizz you can maintain it so it won't get out of control ... I personally use a stlying gel and daily moisturizer to control my out of control hair. Frizzy hair is everyone's problem when it comes to natural curls . This all natural gel that I use is very light. Add a little to hair on a daily basis and mske sure that you run your fingers trough your hair so that it penetrates in the curls . This product doesn't have harsh chemicals like alcohol base indegrents . It has coconut oil and shea butter , so its like the best of both worlds in a jar ! Good luck !!