How do you prevent your curls from looking smushed and flat?

So I'm a guy and I started growing my hair out about two years ago. After it  started to look terrible, I started looking into better hair care, and there's not much out there geared towards guys. So with that said, I started sleeping on a satin pillowcase and putting my hair in a pineapple at night, but I noticed that most people with curly hair don't rewet their hair and style it. So I tried a wash and go and when I woke up, my curls were all flat and smushed in some places and when I let it all down it was frizzy and it just didn't look presentable. Help? How do I get m second day hair to look good? 

1 Answer

I think refreshing it with a daily water based moisturizer would help.  Or you could just make your own by combing a little of your conditioner with water in a spray bottle. After spraying your hair a few times then take your hands and play with your hair until you obtain the desired look.