is it the products that I use on the day I wash/style my hair that isnt letting it last until day 2?

hay guys! So I'm having issues with my hair. I believe I have 3A curls with a bit of 2C waves and the first day I wash/style my hair it looks really voluminous & curly. But the next day no matter what I do (pinapple, use a satin pillow case, etc.) I wake up with completely weighed down, oily, died out curls. I'm really confused cause usually day 2 is most curly girls "better" hair day but the complete opposite for me. I was wondering if it's the products I use? Maybe they're too heavy? (Kinky curly knot today, shea moisture yucca & plantain styling milk, deva curl light defining gel) idk but I just need help!

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