How to refresh wavy curly hair?

Whenever I watched youtube videos or anything, I always see people wetting their hair and then putting products in. But whenever I do that, it's softer, but my hair is so frizzy, like way worse than it was before I attempted to refresh it. So how do I refresh my hair without using water? (Hair is wavy on top, curly underneath)

3 Answers

Are you sealing? If you are, then try applying aloe vera gel, it will hidrate your hair and its a bit heavier. To refresh, first day (if needed) I just spray my water/lavender mix to reactivate the product from the day before. Second day I would spray the mix in my scalp (to keep it clean), my water/conditioner mix in the length and ends and then seal it. For very bad days I apply leave in also, before sealing. 
I can't refresh my hair with water or refresher sprays it disintegrates my curls and leaves me with more frizz. To refresh I just use a nickel size of conditioner and scrunch it in with my head upside down, flip back up and use just a little more on the crown and mid lengths. Usually I seal that in with a little pomade and I'm good to go. I have to pineapple at night of course or there is no chance of "good" second day hair. 
I have the same problem.  What I have found is to sleep in dry braids (2 for fine hair, 4 for thick) I start tight at the biginning of the braid so it stays then get looser through the braid but not letting the top get loose, then spritzing with water just to give it a little umph.  The in the morning I finger comb and spray a little water and style with my hands, frizz spray of its poofy, and add water to make it become more natural and viola! Beautiful frizz free 2nd day waves.