What's your favorite second day hair product?

I need a product or method that will tame slight frizz and help redefine my curls. Right now I mix a tiny bit of Kinky Curly Knot Today with water and smooth it on any frizzy parts, but it weighs my hair down. I know it wouldn't weigh it down if I wet my hair beforehand, but I don't have time to do that! So I guess what I'm saying is, I need a product that's lighter than KCKT but still effective.Thanks! :)

1 Answer

I like to use Oyin Handmade Hair Dew, it's a light moisturizer. The texture is like a lotion, and a little goes a long way. If I wet my hair beforehand, I take about dime sized amount for the flyaways and frizzier sections. The Hair Dew can be used on dry hair, as well.  I hth! :)