Second/third day hair maintanance for 3b/3c almost shoulder length hair - advice please!

My hair is 3/b 3/c and not quite shoulder length when dry. Until recently I used to fully wet and condition my hair every day to keep the curls, but it's not very good for it to be so wet all the time so I'm trying to find ways to not have to wet it every day. I'd like to shampoo 1-2 times a week ideally.I have seen lots of overnight pineapple videos but always with women with long hair that just seems to fall back into place when they take the band out in the morning. Mine just kind of half flops down and half sticks out (and not in a fun big curls kind of way). Most of the 3b/c tutorials I've seen are also for wash n gos - I know how to wash it, just not how to maintain it afterwards!Any advice or recommendations of youtube tutorials would be great!

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