How to keep in second day type 2b hair? The pineapple method doesn't work?

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I'd also like an answer to this. While you do not specify what hair type you have and what it's doing the second day to correct it, it's an important factor.Now for me, the questions is: Had white cottony hair as a child, fine. Menopausal turned my hair back to that fine cottony hair.   Type 2C/3A. Natural level 7 blonde with almost 50% gray and yet no coarseness. High porosity.  On wash day: No poo and condition with Deva Care, then I use a leave in "B'Leavin" (I've never had problems  with protein.) also Deva line. (I've experimented with other products but the only great results I've had with this is Shea Moisture products.) This isn't enough so I also seal with Cantu brand shea butter. Then with hair still dripping, I use a Deva approved gel. I don't use the Deva gel because it's not strong enough to retain my curl pattern. None of this layering is too heavy on my baby-fine textured curls. I diffuse upside down for volume, then finish diffusing with the Pixie method and get a 3B curl. I must diffuse because I get up at 5am for work and my hair takes forever to dry with the product sealing all the moisture in. Now for the problem.I sleep on a satin pillowcase. My hair is not quite long enough to pineapple.  Second day hair and there after I wake up to the same dry cottonball hair I had as a child (in between child and menopause it was regular texture and little fuzz).  All the moisture I carefully put into the hair and layered with product looks as though I never had put product in it. It just sucked it all up.Should I try the LOC method?  I would think on one hand it would weigh my fine hair down.  On the other, my hair looses moisture overnight and even refreshing the curl leaves a halo of fine blonde hair.  It is color treated, but by an excellent professional who uses the curly girl method of cutting and styling.If I try the LOC method, any recommendations on an oil to use for fine textured, cottony caucasian hair? Any other recommendations?