smelly hair help

Hello, I need help with my second/third day hair. I live in a big city and my hair always smells like smog, and i don't know what to do about it. I tried mixing my conditioner with water and spraying it on my hair but it seems that it only makes things worse.I appreciate your help :)

4 Answers

try leave in conditioner or cowash every other day
I noticed it helps a LOT to use essential oils in the water you spritz your hair with, you can also use products that smell better, rather than products with little to no fragrance.
maybe you should wash your hair more often. Also use products that make your hair smell good.
I'd suggest using a tea tree oil mixture in your spray bottle. Fill up the bottle until it's almost full. for about 8 oz, put 4-6 drops of tea tree oil, and then a couple good squirts of glycerin (for added moisture). the tea tree acts as an antiseptic and smells lovely and fresh, while the glycerin helps seal in and add moisture. hope this helps :)