How are you supposed to shower when you only wash your hair twice a week?

I just cant seem to understand styling your second day hair or even third day and be ready to go for the day. Because what about showering just to clean your body? As much as I want to find the easiest way possible to style my curly hair i just cant skip showering everyday just to keep my body clean, although i dont wash my hair everyday either. I just get it wet and condition and then style. Do curly girls just not shower at all in between washes? Is it okay to do what i do or is there a better method? Sorry if i sound confusing, but i am confused haha. I want to find a better way to style my hair without having to get my hair completely wet every single day. Thank you! Also i have 3a curls.

6 Answers

lol if you find a curly who doesn't shower, it probably has nothing to do with their hair. You just wear a plastic shower cap in the shower and your hair stays dry throughout.
I just tie my hair up loosely and put it in a shower cap and then go about my normal shower! I also put it in a pineapple ponytail when i sleep so that my actual curls don't get frizzy so styling the next day is super easy!
I bathe through and through. Choice of style doesn't affect my bathing and how often it's done. Most ladies with kinky curls bathe daily and wash at the very least weekly with a cleansing shampoo. You can style your hair and if you need to save your style by not getting it wet, wear a shower cap when you bathe.
You could always try a shower cap, or just take a bath instead of a shower. Good luck! Stay curly! ;)
Considering I shower in the morning; I put my hair into a loose pineapple and wash my body. After getting out of the shower I get my hair a little damp with a water-conditioner mix. You can then add any products you want in your hair also since the steam of the shower helps to open your hair cuticles.
I second, third?  Shower cap or sometimes I pineapple and take a bath, since I work evenings don't have to rush out the door in the morning.