How do you survive without combing your hair?

On the first day my hair's usually fine as I comb it in the shower but the next day my hair is soooo tangled and gross I'm just itching to go wash my hair again. I used to wash my hair every other day and now I'm trying to make it every 3 days but it's proving to be reaaaally hard because my hair just feels gross. I have shoulder length hair but when I don't comb it it just becomes so short and when I put it up in a ponytail it's length is less than half of what it was when I used to comb it every time in the past. Plus its super poofy and I basically can't leave it in a ponytail anymore so I have to make a bun but buns always make my head hurt because I feel like it's pulling at the roots of my hair and UGH I am just so pissed off with my hair I am this close to just going for a rebond becacuse I CAN'T DEAL ANYMORE. Please please please help. I'm a 3b I think and my curls look terrible they form a million spirals and are freaking dry. The photo below is from google. My hair looks somewhat like that but a little shorter (too much volume around the cheeks and neck), poofier and my curls are nowhere as defined. I hate it. 

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Giiiiiiiirrrrrrrlllllll. To be honest, it sounds like you just need a loooot of moisturizer. Do you finger detangle? I dont know the details so I cant really help but I would try finger detangling while I moisturize between washes. 
I do but I find that it breaks up my curls so it just ends up becoming more poofy :( I'd prefer it to stay in bigger curls (I think they're referred to as clumps??). thanks for answering though! I realised I sound super pissy and bratty in that post. just gonna blame that on the time of the month hahaha
Maybe you could like braid it while its wet after you shampoo? Or like just do something that will keep it detangled until the next day? Shrinkage is so annoying, I totally feel your pain. Hahaha, its so hard bein a girl sometimes :)
I'll try that! thanks a ton :-)
I honestly have never been able to achieve 2nd day hair so I wet and condition and detangle in the shower each day.  Otherwise I get shrinkage and my hair gets tangled by the second day too.  Since I can't comb it dry I just rewet, condition, and detangle and start with fresh curls each day.  The I don't have shrinkage or tangles.