That pineapple overnight style doesn't work for me. Other suggestions please??

I've been giving this pineappling thing a try for about a month now. I was excited when I first found out about it but I've been disappointed with the results ever since. I always wake up with a huge dent in my hair and spend a good amount of time rewetting the hair to have it dry naturally without the dent. I use a soft scrunchie and put it in loosely. The hair is completely dry when I pull it up. I wear a satin slumber cap. Yet I still get a huge dent and my roots are poofed up while the last several inches are sticking out at almost a 90 degree angle. What are some other ways of wearing your hair overnight to protect the natural curl pattern (natural being the key word, I don't want a new pattern from twist outs or bantu knots)?

1 Answer

sleep with a satin bonnet i use it cuz i dont do well with the pineapple either. message me back please hpoe this helps