Is using perm rods on ends everyday a bad thing?

So everynight, to maintain my twist out, I put my hair in 5 chunky twists and I always put a perm rod on each of them to give me nice ends ( I do this because I don't really have a curl definition). I do everything, wash my hair every 2 weeks with no sulphate, I deep condition.. Detangling is a breeze and i don't see any hairs on the floor; i'm really patient with my hair and I take my time.. and yes I've trimmed my split ends off but they reformedbtw I don;t use any sort of heat on my hair, always let it air dry (in a stretched way to avoid knotsBut i still don't see any growth and I've been using the perm rods every single day (literally) for a year now, I always drench my ends in water and apply and oil and put it on the perm rod. Do you think that's the reason? And if so, what is an alternative? 

1 Answer

Hi,Using heat regularly will damage your hair. It is better not to use curlers on daily basis.