No washing but going to the gym/working out?

So I just recently in the last week discovered the wealth of knowledge on YouTube about curly hair. I have type 3B hair I believe, for reference. In the past, I've kind of thrown my hands up in the air and decided there's no way to style my hair and I end up just putting it into a bun or when I have patience, put it into a french braid to create more tame curls. Now that I'm going to try this whole refreshing curls thing (and using proper products) instead of gathering it all into a bun, I was wondering what you ladies do if you've been working out? My scalp always gets very itchy from the sweat and so I feel like I have to wash it, which would lead to more washing than is recommended (or I just keep it in a bun). Any tips? 

1 Answer

Hey sweetheart, you can wash your hair as often as you feel lol. All hair is different and depending on your hair type (like if you have low porosity hair you naturally get build up more than other types of hair) you may need to wash your hair more than others because of build up. I work out 3-4x a week and I get that same feeling youre talking about. Instead of using a shampoo though, I co-wash my hair (cleansing with conditioner) and I do an apple cider vinegar rinse before the co-wash to prevent washing my hair too much. ACV rinses generally cleanse my hair well when it's not super dirty. If I feel like I had sweat overload and my scalp feels awful I wash with a sulfate free shampoo. I also add tea tree oil because that helps with that gross feeling and its antibacterial.Click this for some more tips!Normally though I wash my hair once a week or week and a half (wish sulfate free shampoo). I hope this helps :), xo.