Well I have been natural for 6 months now ☺️ big chopped twice.. My hair is growing healthy !!

but I hate the fact that i sleep on a satin pillow case and i wake up with both sides squashed.. My curls look all fuzzy and flat. I hate it. Any suggestions ? I try not to refresh my curls.. Is that what I need to do ?

3 Answers

reminder.. My hair is still not really long.. Cant really style it anyway.
I BC 10 months ago and whenever I do a wash and go I just use a spray bottle with water to refresh my curls.What I do is when I first get up I spray a little water all over my head ( this helps to reactivate the hair products) and leave it alone. I don't touch my hair until I feel it's 80% dry then I 
sorry got cut off. Then that's when I would style my hair. The great thing is I don't have to worry about product buildup.