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1 dry brittle hair Submitted by Tatiana.Merc on Jun 14 2015

have dry brittle curls? Well here is a fabulous hair deep conditioning mask that would do all the good work to revive those beautiful curls ladies! Avocado is my one and only ingredient my hair actually loves...I had tried so many DIY home recipes and girls let me tell you I had never loved any other better than the avocado hair mask..my hair loves it sooo very much! Avocado has a great component...

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2 Simple Protein Treatment Submitted by JunyJu on Jun 18 2015

This is a recipe I found while watching a video from SunkissAlba (I will provide the link to the video so you can watch her apply it if that helps!) So I have always been very skeptical when it comes to what I put in my hair. I can never automatically assume it will work, even if the person promoting it insists that it will, because my hair is just *so* picky! The video caught my eye by...

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3 Homemade Mayo Mask Submitted by hASHbrown on Jul 6 2015

There's always the traditional mayonnaise mask but store bought mayo has a bunch of preservatives and things that you don't really want in your hair. + I find this mask works better than store bought mayo.

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4 DIY Avocado and Banana Miracle Mask. Submitted by SunshineShay on Jul 27 2015

I use the mask after my hair has had a "tressful" week. Once a week is fine, or use it depending how dry your hair gets. Restores shine, defines curls, and it's fun and easy :)

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5 Agave Nectar Hair Mask Submitted by susonnahg on Jul 31 2015

Agave is a humectant, so it draws moisture towards the hair. As a result, it can be very conditioning for your hair, but beware in ultra humid conditions. Because this ingredient is a humectant, you can add it to any DIY mask that you want!

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6 Avocado and Egg hair mask Submitted by Curlygirlgabby on Nov 14 2015

This hair mask keeps your hair moisturized and brings your curls back. If your hair has been dry and without life you would definitely love to use this mask. All credits to: chandlerknowsbest on YouTube, thank you for sharing this recipe.

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7 lities are this has occurred to you j Submitted by anfillonida on Jun 22 2016

our buddies kill you!)You’re in the club and you go to the restroom. You seem in a reflect, and also you see the back of your hair isn’t straight at all!Should you’re here, possibilities are this has occurred to you just as so much as it’s occurr

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8 http://www.healthyminimag.com/max-gain-xtreme-reviews/ Submitted by lvarezElkins on Jun 30 2016

Max Gain Xtreme Reviews I was the individual who has rage of working out, I put my incalculable hours in red center and also I spend my bunches of cash on such costly items just to pick up the massive muscles yet futile. Each one of those pressure and push which I confront for the muscle building, I won't give you a chance to face all that since I am here just to help those people groups who are...

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9 Cinnamon Yogurt Mask Submitted by crazydaisy45 on Jan 25 2016

This stuff is lousy if you're looking for added elasticity, but it is the most effective mask I have ever tried for curl definition! It is also moisturizing. It feels very strange on your hair at first, but it is so worth it!

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10 La Bomba hair mask Submitted by Marielle.Ram on Jan 25 2016

If you fell like your hair needs a deep deep treatment this BOMB is for you! It will give you everything: proteim, moisture, shine, help to hair grow and more!

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