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1 Curl Refreshing Sea Salt Mist Submitted by itslissy on Aug 2 2011

This curl refreshing spray combines moisturizing glycerin and conditioners with curl enhancing sea salt! Salt naturally boosts your curls, and the glycerin and conditioners will help moisturize and soften your hair for defined curls that are healthy and bouncy!

Salt can be drying to your hair, so if your hair is sensitive to salt you can either reduce the salt or add more conditioners...

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2 Beachy Hair Recipe Submitted by Michelle on Aug 17 2011

If you don't have time to shower and you need a quick hair pick-me-up, here is a great recipe I use. The sea salt adds texture and volume while leaving a matte finish..which is good when your hair is oily.

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3 rosemary curl refresher Submitted by daisycutter on Jul 12 2014

This hair refreshing mist can be tailored to your needs... It can also be used as a facial mist. Keep it in the fridge to make it extra refreshing and to make it last longer. It should keep for at least a week in the fridge. I make this with rosemary, as it is supposed to be good for dark hair, but you could add sage to the mix, use lavender for a relaxing mist or use chamomile if you have fair...

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4 oil and citrus second day curl refresher Submitted by mando_curlyque on Dec 3 2014

Refreshes curls eliminates frizz and leaves a healthy shine

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5 Coco Spray Submitted by bri86 on Mar 5 2015

I'm new to the all natural products, and I'm doing pretty good cut off my hair still don't know my curl texture, but its okay. I love coconut oil it's the best so when I saw you can make your own refresher I wanted to try something new and I creative my Coco Spray my first time making this might make a updated day, but right now I love the original :)

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6 Spray Mist for Second Day Curls Submitted by Michelle on Apr 17 2015

This do-it-yourself mixture will revive your curls, as well as providing the healing benefits of essential oils.

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7 Deva Inspired Refresher Spray Submitted by Corry11 on Nov 28 2015

For second and third day curls and scalp. I incorporated DevaCurl products in it but this could easily work with a standard conditioner and gel. I replaced my DevaCurl "Mist-er Right" with this and I'm happy with the result. Jojoba oil and conditioner make it a little richer formula because I find the glycerin on its own causes frizz. The essential oils promote shiny, healthy hair...

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8 Hair mist Submitted by sanielj on Aug 24 2011

hair mist to refresh twists, twist-outs and wash n go

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9 refreshing tea spray Submitted by Fmasuhr on Aug 29 2011

this super easy spray isnt just refreshing, it also moisturizers and makes the hair soft from that dreaded crunch! i make it up and put it in a small spray bottle for when im on the run and need a bit of a kick.

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10 Wet Strand Contest Submitted by Camille3Curly on Oct 20 2011

This simple recipe can be used and altered to meet your strands needs.

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