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1 http://www.menshealthsupplement.info/nitrobuild-plus/ Submitted by Reginawalker on Jul 26 2016

I wrote an essay touching on lessons I learned while working with NitroBuild Plus. It is the fail safe way to do it. Consequently, if you expect any type of NitroBuild Plus performance in a NitroBuild Plus, you will need to NitroBuild Plus. So, all the plans shown here are purely theoretical and only for guidance and I feel a sharp tug to assist others with NitroBuild Plus. It is fabulous how...

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2 Lisa Price's DIY Oil for EVERYTHING Submitted by susonnahg on Jul 15 2015

This blended oil has a combination of carrier oils and essential oils for a wonderful, fragrant treat. You can use this oil on your skin and hair. Use this oil as a pre-poo, scalp oil, finisher, or a de-frizzer.

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3 Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment Submitted by susonnahg on Jul 16 2015

Olive oil is one of those oils that can be absorbed by the hair, so don’t leave it on for too long. It’s a great oil to use for hot oil treatment, however, because it is full of vitamins like vitamin A and E. You can add whatever essential oils you’d like, but I like adding lemongrass because it compliments the olive smell.

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4 DIY Ginger Oil for Regrowing Edges Submitted by susonnahg on Jul 21 2015

Ginger is widely known for it's medicinal qualities when it comes to curing an upset stomach, but ginger also has amazing benefits for your hair. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as being full of vitamins and minerals. In ayurveda, ginger is used as a hair growth treatment. It helps stimulate blood to the scalp, and prevents thinning hair from turning into hair...

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5 KaylaNicole's Organic Scalp Oil Submitted by KaylaNicole on Sep 21 2015

For the past two years I have used this oil. It has taken away any and all dandruff, dryness, and itch on my scalp. Many have asked for it so I decided to put my recipe out into the world. This oil has helped with both dryness, fairy knots, and growth.

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6 Coconut Oil Base HOT OIL TREATMENT Submitted by alushington on Jun 26 2012

This is a hot oil treatment that I just started using for my hair!
I really tried to combine oil that promote hair growth and strengthening. I loved how it made my hair feel after conditioning. My hair felt really soft and moisturized, all I had to do afterwards was style with a light leave-in conditioner!
I hope you like it!
Also, it smells GREAT!

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7 castor oil protein treatment Submitted by kinkycurls31314 on Apr 30 2013

this treatment you will love and is very good and healthy for the hair I do this once a month only I really don't measure it all anyway just keep readin

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8 Herbal Infused oil Submitted by purplegirl on Aug 24 2011

This is a light essential oil that can be used for hot oil treatments, daily moisturizing or even as an additive to your deep conditioner.

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9 Fabulous Scalp oil/ Braid protective style oil Submitted by Fabbiejay on Aug 27 2011

Light scent. Easy to apply. Can be used as braid oil and protective style oil. Anti itch and helps with blood circulation to the scalp. May also be used as a hair thickening aid.

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10 Growth Oils Submitted by kwillsmom on Oct 21 2011

Oil used to seal moisture, promote growth, oils and cools the scalp. Lovely blend of oils. i love it!

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