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Submitted 08/24/2011 by

Category: Deep Conditioner

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Will be using ingredients from your kitchen or local grocery store.


  • Mayonaise, eggs, olive oil


Beat two eggs and add it to a cup of mayonaise. Add a table-scoop of olive oil and add to a mixing bowl. Shake all ingredients and apply thoroughly to clean, dry hair. Wear a plastic cap and sit under a hood drier or use hand-held blow drier for 20-minutes. Rinse ingredients with cold water and shampoo as usual.
Rating: Recipe Rating: 1 Spoons

I tried this tonight and was very disappointed with the results. Maybe it was because I didn't use a drier but non the less using this method did not make my hair super soft (my hair is usually very soft regardless) but in fact made my hair very dry. After rinsing the mixture out of my hair it left my hair feeling like how it would feel if I had used a shampoo that was heavy on sulfates. It left my hair feeling very stiff and stripped and dry almost like it had a sort of cast or residue left on it. All in all it made my was day process which in itself is very long even longer.

Rating: Recipe Rating: 4 Spoons

Tried this tonight, didn't measure, one egg, some mayonnaise and some olive oil and say under the dryer for 15 minutes, washed out fine, left my hair feeling really soft

Rating: Recipe Rating: 4 Spoons

I Have Tried This Before But I Never Sit Under A Hooded Dryer. I Say Its Really Good It Makes Your hair Feel Good And Look 10X Better, Well For Me It Does. Im Only 14, Still A Teen And Of Corse We Want To Play With The Heat Tools And Dye It Ever Color Of The Rainbow , I Did And It Damaged My Hair BAD I Cut My Hair Myself I Cant Trust Salons Last Time They Cut My Hair TOOOO Short So I Done Everything My Self , I Do The Mayo Mask Every 2 Weeks And My Hair Looks Very Nice. This Is Something Everybody Should Try.

Rating: Recipe Rating: 1 Spoons

I havent tried this but I already know it'll become a mess. Sitting under the dryer will cook the eggs and mayo, leaving white and yellow bits in your hair, which are a pain to get out the Hair!

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