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coconut smoothie

Submitted 09/23/2011 by

Category: Body Scrub

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organic coconut oil brown sugar and honey



before showering, mix a paste of coconut oil, brown sugar and honey. starting with your feet, work your way up to your neck. scrub gently. before you shower, wipe off your feet so no slipping in the shower. rinse and towel off gently leaving skin wet. smooth on argan ,olive, almond or safflower oil onto skin. skin will be so soft and smooth. do this twice a week you wil love how your skin feels and looks. bye bye alligator skin
Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

I've been using a recipe like this for a while & it definitely works. It leaves the skin super soft & moisturized, my kids even use it! This is most certainly a holy grail for skin.

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