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Growth Oils

Submitted 10/21/2011 by

Category: Scalp Oil

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Oil used to seal moisture, promote growth, oils and cools the scalp. Lovely blend of oils. i love it!


  • EVOO, White grape seed, sweet almond, peppermint and tea tree oils.


This is how I personally use the oil after every wash. Final rinse when I'm about to put my leave in conditioner, i finger part my hair and spritz oil over my entire head, then I do a scalp massage. The tea tree and especially the peppermint oils leave my scalp with a cool tingle. My hair has shown healthy growth since using my concoction!
Rating: Recipe Rating: 3 Spoons

I'm allergic to tree nuts, what can I use beside almond oil?

Rating: Recipe Rating: 4 Spoons

I just started using the peppermint oil and totally love the after effects it has on my curls

Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

I love it!

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