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Whipped shea butter moisterizer

Submitted 07/23/2012 by

Category: Daily Conditioner

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A mixture of shea butter and essential oils desined to add moister to dry, thirsty hair. perfect for twist-outs, two strand twists (perferablly with gell, and daily moister


  • Unrefined/raw shea butter
  • oil (any, such as: olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, vegei oil, flax seed oil, fish oil, cocunut oil, tee tree oil or castor oil.)


Take your shea butter (however amout of ounces) and put it in a deep enogh bowl for mixing.

add your oils, 1 teaspoon of each (if you have over 6 oils, under 6 oils add a tablespoon of each).

Then mix! you can use an electric mixer if you have one (it makes it way easier.) or you can hand mix/whipp with a big wooden spoon.

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