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Cinnamon Honey Olive Oil Mask

Submitted 12/01/2012 by

Category: Mask

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A thick deep conditioning mask that will bring life back into stressed out curly hair while leaving it shiny, soft, ultra-defined and smelling sweet!


  • ~1/2 cup of pure Honey
  • ~1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ~2 tablespoons of ground Cinnamon Powder


Use this mask on dampened dirty hair. In medium mixing bowl or hair color applicator bottle (whichever you prefer) mix first the honey, then oil and lastly add cinnamon. Mix well together until it turns a deep brown. It will be slightly runny. Section off your hair in four sections. and apply mixture evenly from ends to roots. After entire head is covered. secure hair on top of head with a metal-free elastic. Cover with plastic cap. Heat a damp hand towel and place over cap. Let sit for a minimum of 20 Minutes. ( I have left the cap on over night with amazing results!) Rinse With Warm water and gently shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo or baby shampoo. ! WALAH! :)

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