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CC+ Moisturiser

Submitted 02/17/2013 by

Category: Leave-in Conditioner

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'CC' stands for 'combing conditioner.' This recipe softens your hair, aids in detangling and leaves your hair feeling so amazing till your next wash day. You can use this everyday or every other day i Read More...


  • Tresemme Naturals (silicon-free) Conditioner
  • BeeMine BeeLovely Conditioner
  • Pure Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Water (preferably not from the tap)


In a 8oz bottle, pour in about 5 tablespoons of the Tresemme Naturals conditioner, then pour in about that same amount of the BeeMine BeeLovely Conditioner. Pour in about a tablespoon full of the coconut oil and about a teaspoon full of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Shake the bottle around a bit then fill it almost halfway with water. Shake the bottle really hard and check the consistency of it's contents. They should be light, but not runny.
Use this on your hair whenever. Once a day, twice a day, every other day, every wash day, whenever you wish. The results are amazing! :)
Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

hi there...i just need to know how i use it? cant give a review yet...don't know when to use it and how? is it like a leave-in or do i use it like a spray on dry hair....please let me know so i can use it and review it. thanks

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