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Shea Butter Hair Moisturizer

Submitted 05/08/2013 by

Category: Conditioner

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This will do your hair wonders! This will the favorite part of your regimen; the part that you will look forward to every week!
This Shea Butter Moisturizer will leave your hair feeling amazing a Read More...


  • *Just eye the ingredients. Different people like more or less of certain ingredients. Altering this moisturizer won't change its affect too much*
  • Shea Butter (in brick form or cream form)
  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E (capsule or liquid)
  • Hair Growth Vitamin (if applicable)
  • Plain Yogurt (Fat or Fat Free)
  • And any other vitamins, essential oils, or proteins you may have


You can place the items in either a blender or a bowl. These instructions will have a blender in them.

First, cut the Shea butter (if it's a brick), and place it in the blender. Put it on the lowest setting until you see it creamy.

Next, add in the yogurt, oils, Vitamin E (if it's the liquid).

Blend on low until all items are evenly separated into the mix.

If you have the pills/capsules then I recommend cutting or squishing them until they are powder like. If you have the pills that can split open, just split them and put the dust directly into the mix. Once your pills/capsules are nicely sized, put them into the mix.

Add your choice of extra stuff

Put blender on high. Leave for a minute or more.

You are good! You can pipe the mix into containers for storage or place it in a plastic bowl.

Also, you can put a little in a spray bottle, add water, then use this for twist outs, bantu knot outs, and braid outs!!

This is a good recipe!

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