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1 inch in 1 week hair growth oil

Submitted 08/08/2013 by

Category: Scalp Oil

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Want long flowing hair but just can't bare how long it takes? This oil and routine will get you anywhere from 1/4 innch to 1/2 inch or maybe even 1 whole inch!


  • your favorite oil:
  • coconut
  • extra virgin olive
  • [any scalp oil of your choice]


Warm about 2-3 tbs of your favorite scalp oil and massage over scalp and hair. Bend down so that your head is completely down. Noe you should be looking underneath the chair you are sitting in. this is called inversion. It reverses blood flow to the scalp to get hair growing. Invert for 5 min while giving a scalp massage. Do the oil and inversion for 7 days and you should see good results! WARNING: if you are preagnent or unhealthy do not invert. if you feel dizzy or light headed when inverting, dont do it.

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