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Whipped shae butter

Submitted 04/05/2014 by

Category: Oil Conditioner

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This is bomb i use it on my hair once a week and it is good until friday. love love my product. THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO!


  • shae butter, olive oil, almond oil, jamacian black castor oil, tee tree oil, coconut oil, vitiman e oil.


heat up water until you see steam. put shae butter into a small enough blow to fit in the blow of hot water. let shae butter melt the more the melted shae butter into a mixing bowl. add one tablespoon of olive oil then one tablespoon of coconut oil. two teaspoon of almond oil. one teespoon of jamacian black castor oil and tee tree oil and vitiman e oil. mix till whip useing a egg beater.

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