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Basic Scalp Scrub

Submitted 06/26/2011 by

Category: Pre-poo Conditioner

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This easy head scalp scrub removes excess, oil and impurities, removes dead skin cells and improves circulation.


  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2-3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar


In a small bowl mix ingredients. Add enough sugar to make a thin paste Do not heat the oil as this will melt the sugar.

Wet hair in shower.If you have styling products in hair, apply a little conditioner to make hair more pliable, rinse. Take a heaping scoop of the scrub and apply to scalp, separating hair to reach entire scalp. In circular motion, scrub the scalp with the mixture for 5 minutes. Rinse well, then shampoo and condition hair as normal.
Rating: Recipe Rating: 2 Spoons

I don't know what I did wrong on this one, but this left my 3B hair very very greasy. I'm on the no-poo regimine, so I did not shampoo after the application but sure as hell used the straight-haired roommate's shampoo the next day! Took forever to wash out the excess oil. I did make the batch a double batch (4tbs oil, 6tbs sugar), which may have messed something up. I like the suggestion below of mixing the brown sugar with conditioner, may have to try that next time.

Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

just tried it this morning. i was in a rush so i didnt get to fully get to thoroughly scrub my whole scalp as much as i would have liked but even so i felt and saw a big difference. my head felt super clean and softer. i will certainly be doing this once a week. so nice.

Rating: Recipe Rating: 4 Spoons

I love it. I mix the brown sugar in some conditioner and use to while i take down my braids i love the way it feel on my scalp. it left my hair feeling soft.

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