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Stylist: Carma

After reading the review about Carma, I decided to give The Hair Gallery a try. What a great surprise! Stylists who listen to women with curly hair and their many requests are few and far between. Carma is one of them. I left with a great cut I get compliments on and can maintain at home. Thanks!

Reviewed by lily44 on 5.8.08

Stylist: Carma

After two years of denying my 'curliness' and allowing another stylist to straighten my hair with an iron, I begged forgiveness and returned to Carma, the only hair stylist who listens to me about my 3A curls! She would NEVER think of touching my hair with a razor or thinning shears, and listens to all my requests. My beautiful curls are back and healthier than ever.

Reviewed by Guest on 9.24.07