516 Bryne Drive
Barrie, L4N 9P6

User Reviews

Stylist: Amanda

Amanda is not deva trained but she can sure use shears and she has a natural talent for stylist curly and wavy hair. I highly recommend Amanda.

Reviewed on 06.18.19

Stylist: Amanda

Amanda is really great at giving very hydrated, defined and voluminous curls and waves! She knows just what to take off and what to leave behind to give you great hair.

Reviewed on 03.14.19

Stylist: Lauren and Amanda

I just left a review on the wrong page... so here it is again! Barrie doesn't have to worry about the lack of decent texture stylists anymore (since K left anyway) because BSO now has Amanda and Lauren!! They should really do more PR!! I get my 3c hair done by Lauren and it is perfect every time. Both Amanda and Lauren are really great texture stylists. I have visited so many "curly" stylists in the area and there is no reason to leave home anymore. Praise the lord.

Reviewed on 11.16.18

Stylist: Lauren

We can finally review bso!! I get my hair done here by Lauren who is amazing with curls. Amanda is amazing as well, you can't go wrong with either one. I didn't even know how curly my hair was until Lauren introduced me to her s****s and to devacurl! She went through step by step how i should do my hair at home a d i was able to write it all down. Im an expert now and i love my hair it is so so much healthier than a year ago

Reviewed on 11.08.18