12233 Fair Lakes Promenade Drive
Fairfax, VA

User Reviews

Stylist: Tahara

DO NOT GO, so very dumb when it comes to curls. I was reccomended by someone to go to this particular stylist because she is the "best.". I went in for a cut & highlights. Since when does a stylist not comb out your hair before she tries to seperate it into micro-strands. Obviously she had no clue that curly hair would not seperate as easily as pin straight hair would. Okay so as ahe was adding the color, i was basically detangling my hair with my fingers b/c she was such an idiot!! Of course after the coloring job we went to the haircut portion of the day. Yes this lady doesn't know how to even comb curly hair. How many times did the comb get stuck in my hair, 1x, 2x, no 4xs doesnt a lady learnI went home and to my un-surprise my highlights are so crappily done that it looks like i had my hair done 4 months ago. My hair is dark brown, i dont need blond highlights starting a 1/2 inch away from my forehead. CRAPPY OVERPRICED SALON YOU R ONLY PAYING FOR THE MORROCAN INSPIRED DECOR STAY AWAY

Reviewed on 03.01.06