Reflections of You

11213 Lee Highway
# L
Fairfax, VA 22030

User Reviews

Stylist: Cannot Remember

I cannot remember the name of the stylist. I was sorely disappointed in my salon experience. Two red flags that I ignored, should have had me running for the hills...thinning shears and an apparent love of straightening curls. Both of these were warning signs that she did not really know how to cut curly hair. In fact, I left looking like a frizzy mess. She kept pushing the Brazilian Blowout even after I told her I like my curls. I want to find someone to work with my curls, not against them. This experience also reminded me just how much I hate thinning shears. I thought she was just going to use them on the bottom of my hair. After all, she did use the terms long layers. However, I left with a top layer of hair only about two or three inches long. The rest of my hair looked frizzy because she cut it so randomly with the shears, that pieces stuck out all over my head even with mounds of product! Also, she left two chunks of hair an inch and a half longer than the rest and hanging on my shoulders. I don't know how I missed it while in the salon and certainly don't know how she missed it. I debated returning to have her fix it, but decided to stay far away and fixed it myself. Disaster. Never again.

Reviewed on 09.28.11

Stylist: Heather

I was asked to be a model for a curly cut class conducted by Heather. She did an excellent job instructing her hairdressers that were there working on their own models. It was a fun evening seeing everyone transform into their new haircut. Heather explained to all of us the dynamics of curly hair and how to keep our curls from getting dry by products and blowdrying. She explained each step and product she used which was the Deva products. I have always straightened my hair and even got a brazilian blowout last summer. This year I decided to embrace the naturally curly hair I have! I look forward to going back to Reflections of You! Thank you Heather!

Reviewed on 06.22.11

Stylist: anita z

Anita is a good listener & give lots of styling tips.. She has helped me get my dry 3curls way under control.. Never pushes new products And helps with styling & make-up tips Cheers me up with great sense of humor... She is simply the best with my naturaly curly & at times frizzy hair... These are the reasons I think she should win the best stylist award for Fairfax, VA

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Anita Zaatar

The best cut, style & color I have ever had for my very curly hair. Anita shaped my hair beautifully to frame my face, she left some length, and cut my hair in a way that made it very manageable. Also, the color was the most flattering I've ever had. Anita didn't try to persuade me to have my hair combed out in a way that would straighten it. I left with my curls looking shiny & beautiful. Also the massaging chairs you sit in when you are having your hair washed are incredibly relaxing. The salon is very low-key & professional.

Reviewed on 08.24.06