Salon Vivace

639 Pilot House Drive
Newport News, VA 23606

User Reviews

Stylist: Misty

Misty did an outstanding job with my hair and was extremely careful to determine the shrinkage before shampooing and communicate what she was doing the entire time. I'd definitely come back to her.

Reviewed on 05.28.14

Stylist: Michelle

The Good: Excellent haircut hands down. I have not had a bad hair day since she worked her magic. The shampoo lady included a neck and shoulder massage as part of the hair treatment. The Bad: Two hours in the salon, from time in to time out. Time with Michelle - 30 minutes tops. She seemed to be working on two clients at once. The price (with tips, stylist and shampoo girl) was more than double over what I normally pay.

Reviewed on 06.01.09

Stylist: Michelle Mayeaux

WOW! I haven't had my hair cut in over a year and I saw this website and wanted to try Salon Vivace with Larry. Unfortunately Larry relocated out of state but I did make an appt. with Michelle. I was so nervous for my hair is very frizzy and uncontrolly. But Michelle not only cut it to be styled so easy but she educated me on what products she was using to create my look. She recommendeds Bio-Ionic and she demonstrated it on my hair and I LOVE IT! My hair feels so soft and natural now. Goodbye to all my hats!!!

Reviewed on 08.16.08

Stylist: Larry

I have thin curly and at the time, dry frayed hair. Larry talked with me at length about the color and style I was wearing, and then proceeded to fix it for me -- he added color I was hesitant to try, but he was spot on, and everyone (I'm talking strangers on the street) told me how great it looked. I would highly recommend checking him out -- prices are kinda high, but you get what you pay for -- He also has the best magazine collection for browsing while your color takes...LOL!

Reviewed on 07.20.07

Stylist: Michelle Mayeaux

Wow I have had some bad experiences with hair salons, but this stylist was wonderful. I have NEVER met a stylist who could cut and style my kiny curly hair. Not only did she fix a previous bad cut, she blew my hair out and I am in love with it. I am a very picky customer and she was awesome. She and her daughter have natural curly hair so you know she knows her curls. I highly recommend her!!!!

Reviewed on 12.07.06