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Stylist: Never Got Her Name

DO NOT get the blow drying !!!! I only read the first part of the other reviews and wished I read the entire review. I started my natural journey nov 2013 so today was the first time I had any heat to my hair. The amount of heat used was way too much for me. And it felt like the blow dryer was set to hell temp my scalp was on fire. I expected it to sting from the heat bc I've went to Dominicans before but this was wayyyy different. Please just opt for the roller set not the blow dry and flat iron. I scored them a three bc the finished product was great. It's just the process it takes to get it. They ate also really rough. I truly thought there was going to be a clump of my hair sitting on their cart when we finished.

Reviewed on 04.09.14

Stylist: Never Got Her Name

My first Dominican style blowout was when I was 11. Long story short, they used so much high heat that I cried the whole time and begged the stylist to hurry up. Fast forward 14 years. I was newly natural after transitioning and protective styling for 2 years. A few days before I walked in the salon, I remove some Senegalese twists that I had in for 7 weeks. I washed and deep conditioned and wore a bun. When I walked in the salon the receptionist asked me what I wanted but thats all. He didnt tell me I would be charge double bc of my natural afro texture hair but I expected that. The good thing about this salon is walks are accepted and I didn't have to wait at all. My hair was immediately washed and conditioned. My hair wasn't set but was deep conditioned under a dryer for about 25 mins. Their blowout technique was torture but I didnt cry this time! lol but seriously I rememered why I avoided Dominican salons as soon as she started. My hair was only neck length so thankfully it didnt take too long. I don't remember what product the stylist used but whatever it was it either is sucks or she clearly didnt use enough because after she flatironed it, it looked so dry and limp. In the days following my hair started to break off so much and become so dry. I washed my hair about 3 or 4 days later. What I don't like about this salon is that most of the stylist or at least the one the took care of me didnt speak english very well but they do seem very nice and upbeat. Though the heat proved too much for me, she did get my hair very straight. I plan to go back in the future but I will go with my own products and just get a wash and set.

Reviewed on 02.20.14

Stylist: All

I'm an african-american woman and i have gotten my hair done at elegante many times and my results have always come out perfect. My hair was growing long and healty. I did not have a flatiron used on my hair on any of the occasions i have went, jus the roller set and the blow-out afterwards. price wise they are very affordable..way cheaper than the "black" hair salons i had been goin to prior. I am 22years old and i have been gettin my hair done there since i was 17.

Reviewed on 05.25.11

Stylist: All

I hate to leave a bad review but I think people need to know when a salon is not as good as some of the other great ones listed here. While the women at elegante do a great job with the roller set they do not do a good job with the blow dry/flat iron. They use waaaay too much heat and the round brush they use is far too small. I even asked them if they had a larger one and not one person in the whole salon had another size other than the really small size like a curling iron barel. Their results are like an unlicensed stylist result as opposed to a professional result. I gave them ample opportunity and had 3 differnt women on 3 different occasions do my hair and none of them did a good job. My husband, who had seen my hair from another salon, said after elegante did it it looked brittle and like it had a relaxer in it. My hair is completely natural and really silky curls. My hair is usually super shiny and flowy when i get it blowdried and flatironed but it was stiff and brittle after elegante did it. I will say that if it is an absolute last resort and you HAVE to get your biracial or curly hair done, elegante does better than the average salon that knows nothing of curly hair but i have had much much better. If you do go I would say you are better of getting the roller set and then asking them to just flat iron it after that and not blowdrying at all OR just leaving it as is after the roller set.

Reviewed on 02.25.09

Stylist: ALL

Everyone at Elegante can do the round brush technique, Dominican style. If you have curly biracial/interracial hair they work wonders.

Reviewed on 06.08.07