Curls by Nadine

Earthtones Naturals
47 Herrell Ave
Barrie, L4n6t7

User Reviews

Stylist: Nadine Bastien

Do not hiring this girl to touch your hair. I paid $90 for curls that fell out in 10 minutes for a wedding. I could of curled my hair better than her and I am not a PROFESSIONAL. She also told me she couldn’t add a braid in my hair because I have extensions. How can you be a professional and not be able to work with extensions? My hair was so plain it looked like I rolled out of bed. So disappointed. She has ZERO personality and could not stop talking about how she could die if we touched her because she’s allergic to gluten and her back is messed and she is so very unable to deal with LIFE. Or how she shouldn’t of married her child’s father ? She is a mood zapper especially for getting ready for a wedding. Like why are you talking about how you shouldn’t of gotten married for the 5th time or whatever while getting girl ready for a wedding!!! Do not hire her period!

Reviewed on 12.09.19

Stylist: Nadine Bastien

Terrible styling techniques and the stylist is a very bland personality

Reviewed on 11.27.19