Curls by Nadine

Earthtones Naturals
47 Herrell Ave
Barrie, L4n6t7

User Reviews

Stylist: Nadine Bastien

This is also Curly Hair Barrie from the salon finder, actually called Curls by Nadine. I see she made a new salon entry. Bad reviews much? I actually made an account just to review this place and ****n people. Shame on you. I went to this salon for color. My hair is HORRIBLE!! I asked for copper/ red and it turned out to be a cross between Carrot-top & a dirty hooker. She conditioned my hair for 3 minutes then rinsed it out and i sat for 15 minutes without having my hair combed through. Once in her chair she was extremely rough. She used a brush to comb through my almost dry hair and ripped some out!!! Once done it looked a mess. I wasn't neat at all like the actually pictures from her Instagram at all. some of the curls didn't even dry. it looks so ba****t. I will NEVER return there in life!!!! And I am writing this on her second page too. Shame on you.

Reviewed on 06.28.19

Stylist: Nadine

This is the same place that appears as Curly Hair Barrie. It's terrible.

Reviewed on 06.28.19