Salon Nordine

11955 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA

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Stylist: Nicole Siri

If you are a curly hair gal, I would advise that you rush out to book an appointment with curl whisperer Nicole Siri! Nicole has been cutting my hair for ages (7 years?). Pre-Nicole, my hair was cut in layers and frizzy, and I was never really happy with how it looked. Nicole listened to my hair issues, cut my hair using the "cut into the curl" method, and recommended product lines that would be healthy for my hair. Now I'm soooooo much happier with my curls! Nicole has her own website ( and has also authored books on curly hair styles and maintenance. Nicole comes to Salon Nordine every 10 weeks or so (she lives out-of-state, but maintains her clients in VA), so you may have to wait a bit for an appointment, but it will be worth it! Plus, she's super nice too!

Reviewed on 06.23.14

Stylist: Nicole Siri

Nicole is a curly hair expert if I have ever met one. She is so knowledgable about how to cut, style and take care of curly hair. I have been to a lot of curly hair stylists around the area and I have learned the most from her by far. She is very passionate about what she does and really seems to care about her clients.

Reviewed on 11.06.10

Stylist: NIcole Siri

Don't hesitate to book an appointment with Nicole. She is great! I took the chance and drove about 3 hours to see her. Because of her I absolutely love my curls. It is amazing what she can do. She teaches you how style your hair too. It was a great experience. The salon is a great atmosphere, very relaxing. So go and book with her now, you won't be sorry!!

Reviewed on 01.17.10

Stylist: Nicole Siri

Relax and just book an appointment now with Nicole. You don't need to worry about the outcome. Nicole is a talented, knowledgeable curly hair specialist. The first thing Nicole does with a new client is discuss your hair and what your goals are for your hair. She then offers different techniques in order to achieve these goals. Nicole does not push products but is very concerned with how shampoos impact the environment. She's happy to recommend the most friendly shampoo products. The Salon is great, complete with massaging chairs while you're shampooed.

Reviewed on 11.18.07

Stylist: Nicole Siri

I drive more than 40 minutes to take my daughter to this amazing stylist. She has taught me and my girls so much about how to take great care of curly hair. I was not properly styling my childrens' naturally curly hair, since I had no personal experience with it myself. She is an educator, and is truly passionate about her mission to help females enjoy and love their curly hair. Nicole has written a marvelous book called Strictly Curls, which has excellent photos and styling ideas. The salon is lovely and they have food, drink and great magazines. This is a place where you feel special.

Reviewed on 10.21.07