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User Reviews

Stylist: Shawnna

Shawnna has done my last 3 Devacuts and each time I leave with healthy, voluminous hair and learning so****ing new about what products to use in my hair. She does a great job with listening to what I am looking to have done and does just that. I never walk out feeling like too much was cut or I wasn’t hear****h to me is enough to make me a repeat customer!! Shawnna is awesome and has helped my hair on this curly girl journey!!

Reviewed on 05.24.19

Stylist: Dawn

I was so hesitant to try a new stylist in the DC area. I have pretty intense 4b/4c hair, and most stylists are really unable to work with it well. Not Dawn! Dawn was fabulous. She was super comfortable with my hair texture, gave me the best (BEST!) cut of my life, and took her time with me. Dawn is super experienced, and really comfortable working with natural hair. She was honestly one of the best hairstylists I've ever had do my hair, and made my hair look unbelievable. I have recommended her to everyone I know.

Reviewed on 02.28.18

Stylist: Margot

I have been natural for 6-7 months and struggled with my last stylist to trim my hair without heat. After having my hair blown dry for a trim and having to DC twice to get my curl back I figured it might be time for a change. I used the salon finder here and found a highly rated salon close to home. I met with Margot this morning and she is amazing. She actually took the time to speak with me and find out what I wanted. She explained how she would cut my hair, how much she needed to cut and what products she thought we should use. Not once did she try to sell me a thing. In the short time I was with her I learned more about my hair and walked away with a trim that feels fabulous. I am definitely going back and I love that the salon has so many stylists that understand curly hair. It amazing to not have to drive 10 miles or more to find someone who just gets it.

Reviewed on 03.22.14

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

Dawn did an OK job on my hair. I have fine, curly hair that requires the whole curly treatment to really make it look good. Dawn did cut my hair dry, and while it wasn't quite the stacked bob I wanted, it doesn't look too bad in the end. The main problem was that she doesn't seem to know how to set curls in the "Curly Girl" way. She used miniscule amounts of Deva products to wash and condition my hair, didn't detangle it with her fingers in the sink, then proceeded to style it like any other stylist would. Just squeezed it, patted it with a regular towel, combed it out, put non-Deva products in it, and then tried to scrunch it dry with a diffuser. No microfiber towel, no clips, no curl shaping, nothing. It was pretty amazing to see how horrible and flat my hair looked after two years of proper curl setting. I was embarrassed to walk into the drugstore afterward. Anyway, if you're not dependent on that whole process, Dawn might be fine (but you really should try the proper procedure. AMAZING for curls). Even if you do the whole routine, she might be OK, as long as you don't plan on going out later. I don't think I'll go back though. I'm not sure about the other curly stylists in the salon. They may know this procedure better. I'll keep looking!

Reviewed on 06.12.13

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

I travel to DC for business every week so I decided to find a place there to do my hair. It had been 7 years since I had let anyone touch my hair - since I had my husband shave it all off after it started falling out due to my chemo treatments. Needless to say I was a bit nervous. I had read the reviews that gave it high praise and it was just down the street from my office so I decided to give it a try. When I stopped in to make my appointment I asked to talk to the hair stylist about what I wanted done. I asked for Dawn, She had received high praise for knowing how to cut naturally curly hair. She and I sat and talked for about 10 minutes on what I wanted - hair cut, color, eye brows done, etc. When I came in for my appointment she took me over to the color bar and we talked a bit more about the color. I was currently a boring brown (home coloring job) and I wanted more of a reddish color. I also wanted something extra - a bit of flash. I told her I wanted something to match my personality. She said she would give me some highlights. She proceeded to cut my hair, then did the coloring. I sat under the heater thing for a bit then I had a wash out. She took me over to her chair and I saw the end result. At first I was surprised - I could see the red color (which I liked) but I couldn't really see the highlights. She started blow drying and styling my hair. We talked about my typical hair routine - wash, towel dry and go. She showed me how to do some things with it that didn't take a lot of time and gave great results. When she was finished drying and styling my hair I was almost in tears - it was PERFECT!!!! It was ME. The highlights were a very light red/blond in the curls that frame my face. The cut was perfect. It didn't look like she took much off but my hair has a wonderful shape now and it feels lighter. I would 110% recommend Dawn to anyone that has curly hair and wants someone that KNOWS how to cut it and style it. She isn't much for small talk but I wasn't much in the mood for any so that was good with me. I had a lady named Yvette do my eyebrows and upper lip and she was great. Very outgoing and very good at what she does. I had a cut, full color with highlights, blow dry and style, eyebrow and upper lip wax and bought shampoo, conditioner and a styling mousse that Dawn recommended for a total of $260. It was worth it!! I couldn't be happier with my hair - the cut, color and the style she gave me. In fact, I was so happy with the style I went out and bought my FIRST hair dryer right after I flew home to WI.

Reviewed on 10.04.12

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

i have to admit it was strange to have my hair cut dry and in a strange way, she cut each individual curl.. but when i saw the end result i was sooo happy! when she was finished with the cut my hair was a puff, she took me back to be washed with a "no lather cleanser".,that was very strange too! she then put gel in and twisted my hair. i sat under the dryer for a few with a soda and a magazine and relaxed a little. she promptly returned to shake out my hair and do a few last min touch ups.. i love my hair sooo much now:(:

Reviewed on 09.03.11

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

i was lost! Cant anyone cut curly hair?? Its easier to find a doctor!!! i saw a woman at starbucks one morning with gorgeous blonde curls, i asked her where she got her hair done and she pointed me to Dawn. She said she'd been going to Dawn for years & would follow her anywhere! She said she gets compliments on her hair every day! and she even had Dawns buisness card with her.. (: thank you lady at starbucks!!

Reviewed on 05.30.11

Stylist: Jack "Jock"

I walked-in and asked for Perry (because of previous review) but he wasn't in. Jack took me and he is like edward scissorhands- fast and furious with the scissors and gave me the PERFECT cut- i had brought in a pic of the cut i wanted and he made it fit me in such a stunning way. I went from hack job to feeling like a movie star in minutes. I love him! PS it's a full service salon -very attentive(the shampooers are great you'll want to tip them too very well)

Reviewed on 06.15.08

Stylist: Perry Warren

Perry is fabulous! I have seen him so many times over the last 3 years. He is excellent at cutting curly hair...and also coloring. He is affordable, easy to get to and listens to what you want. I recently swayed and had a horrible experience at another high end salon in DC and Perry had to fix the mess! I would recommend him highly over and over. I have sent a few girls to him, who have had curly hair and they loved the cut. People always ask me where I get my hair cut, due to the layers and different angles of my is a unique shape. He is also very good at styling hair, for a wedding or special occasion. I am absolutely sure, after seeing other hairstylists, that he is a diamond in the rural rough!

Reviewed on 12.13.07