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6979 Hechinger Drive
Springfield, VA

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Stylist: Dawn Farrell

I moved here from out of the area and was very nervous about finding a new hairdresser who would understand my needs and listed to me. after checking out this web site I found Dawn. I like my hair to be healthy looking with brightness. Well I got even more than i expected!! dawns choice of copper & golden highlights enhanced the adorable cut she gave me.:D Her cutting technique was very interesting ; she cut each curl methodically. Very artistic! Now off to find a doctor...LOL! Yippie!!!

Reviewed on 01.01.08

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

Dawn did a HORRIBLE job!!! She colored it and I told her I didn't like lowlights, she put them in; they look horrific, drab--very pedestrian, not flattering. I can still see the roots, which was the whole point of getting highlights. The haircut is uneven, layered a lot on one side but not the other so it doesn't lay right.It is basically a soccer mom do( no offense to soccer moms but I don't want to look like one)!! I asked for something edgy and up-to-date and this is what I got.I need to go somewhere now and get it "fixed"--frustrating after I am $180 poorer. You were right she doesn’t listen, I have bangs that the last hair” butcher" put in which I hate told her not to touch them so she cut them shorter (there goes 3 mos of growing-out work). She didn't even seem to know what to do, she said oh u want weight off the bottom, I said know it is heavy and dry on the top. She was supposed to cut it dry but cut it wet and blow dried it straight and didn't even do a good job with that. All in all a total and utter disappointment and waste of time and money.

Reviewed on 03.10.07

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

Just moved here from California and received a wonderful cut and color by Dawn. She was very nice and attentive to helping me with my hair delema. I am so glad my co-workers suggested her!!

Reviewed on 10.08.06

Stylist: Dawn Farrell

I had a geat experience with Dawn and receive the best haircuts I've had in a long time. I think that Dawn is quiet and so can come across as stuck-up or pretentious. I actually liked that she didn't try to make small talk the whole time. She cut my hair dry and I'll never go back to someone who cuts it wet. It makes a lot more sense for curly hair. I have also tried Ouidad and was disappointed. I will stick with Dawn and the price is great too.

Reviewed on 01.30.06