Ruby Red's

6701 Loisdale Road
Springfield, VA

User Reviews

Stylist: Nicole (owner)

Sadly, I did confirm that Ruby Red's closed.

Reviewed on 08.24.11

Stylist: Nicole (owner)

I wish I could review this salon! I booked an appointment a couple of weeks ago for Aug 5, and when I called yesterday to ask a question, the number had been disconnected. There is nothing on the website, and no responses (yet) to email and Facebook inquiries. I wonder what happened? I'm glad I found out now instead of at the time of my appointment, so I could find another place. But I'm really disappointed about this. A rating was required so the "1" is for the poor professional practice of not even notifying customers who had appointments that the salon was closing.

Reviewed on 07.29.11

Stylist: Nicole

Loved Nicole! Funny, bright, and very knowledgeable. Gave me my first DevaCut plus lots of instructions and tips on how to improve my curly hair. Good price, nice location, and I will happily be going back.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole gave me one of the best haircuts of my life! My first Deva cut. She's laid-back, friendly and knowledgeable. Great wash & scalp massage as well. It's a small intimate place; I got an appointment within days, and at a reasonable price. So glad I check every time we move, but especially happy this time, as I think Nicole and the salon are awesome. I will go back as long as I'm living here.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Nicole

I have had my hair cut and colored at Ruby Red's several times now. The first time I was not impressed with the service - the girl who shampooed my hair was VERY rough and Nicole was rushed - but my hair looked great so I went back. I have been pleased with the results each time even if the total salon experience isn't enchanting. Prices are good, too. Nicole really seemed to understand my hair and did exceeded my expectations with her skill.

Reviewed on 12.02.10

Stylist: Nicole (owner)

OMG - Nicole did an AMAZING job on coloring my hair. She is a perfectionist that would not settle for anything less than a perfect color. I have difficult hair - it was a golden brassy blond on the ends with white gray coming in in the front and sides and salt & pepper in the back. It took 3hrs, but it was worth it to get it just right, an even-colored natural champagne color. Deva products were used (no-poo/condish/gel) and I then went under "the hood" with a low heat setting to set the curls, and got a nice even curly-girl scissor (only!) cut. I also appreciated Nicole's personality - friendly, not overly chatty, professional. Everyone else there was super-nice. Oh, and the price was very nice!

Reviewed on 12.01.10

Stylist: Nicole

My first DevaCut and she is fantastic and funny, and I am definately going to be a long term repeat client. Would highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 05.28.10

Stylist: Nicole

I am very picky about getting my hair cut as most people with curly hair are. I really appreciate that Nicole is very knowledgeable about curly hair and that she is trained in the Devacut. Her prices are very reasonable considering that she has given me a Devacut. I have been there twice now and had a good experience both times.

Reviewed on 03.11.10

Stylist: Nicole

I had a great experience with Nicole. I went in with a disaster haircut and color. My hair looked like a bad perm growing out and breaking off. She spent extra time with me to fix all the color and deep conditioned my hair. She listened to what I wanted and gave me a great cut to accentuate my curls. I've brought my daughter to her, too, for her first "official" haircut at a salon, at age 11! My daughter looks so mature and polished with her cut.

Reviewed on 10.20.09

Stylist: Nichole

I was really unhappy with my experience at Ruby Red's. Despite specifically requesting my appointment be a diva curl cut, there was some sort of scheduling issue and she did not have enough time to wash or style my hair. Meanwhile she was taking care of another client at the same time as me! She was unable to answer any of my questions or offer suggestions about frizz issues I was having. All she kept saying was how much hair I had, to the point where it was somewhat insulting. She seemed put out to have me in her chair for the 15 minutes I was sitting there, then charged me $50 for her lack luster effort. The salon was also not stocked in the curly curl products, very limited selection. I won't be returning or recommending anyone else to go there. My search for a good diva girl trained stylist in my area goes on!!

Reviewed on 10.16.09

Stylist: Nicole

I went to Ruby Red's for the for the first time after reading the online reviews and I'm glad I did. I got the BEST haircut ever. I've gotten compliments from soo many people on how good my hair looks. She did exactly what I asked for and all at a great price. Nicole and the girls from Ruby Red's were absolutely fantastic and I will definately be returning for all my future haircuts!!!

Reviewed on 10.01.09

Stylist: Nichole

I have naturally curly hair and I am very picky about where I get it cut. I have had bad experiences with chain salons and bad cuts by people who don't know how to cut curly hair. Nichole at Ruby Red's is awesome! When you walk in you are greeted like a best friend, she really listens to what you say you want done with your hair. I recently went in for a second trim and was amazed by the fact that she remembered that I wanted to grown my hair out, she even asked if that is still what I wanted to do before starting the hair cut. That amazed me that she actually remembered a small detail like that. Nichole does an awesome job layering and listening to what you have to say about how you want your hair cut. I also took my husband and two girls in with me to get haircuts as well. Nichole listened to what my husband wanted done with his hair and exceeded his expectations! Nichole was very knowledgeable about how to update my five-year-old daughter's haircut to make her look a little bit more grown up in regards to her bangs. Nichole was also very informative with my two-year-old daughters hair, saying that in order to let the hair that is behind her bangs catch up to the rest of her hair that she should only trim her bangs and the longer hair in the back. Needless to say I was pretty amazed by her knowledge and how well she handled having our haircuts and having little girls in the salon.

Reviewed on 03.18.09

Stylist: nicole

great job! She did exactly what I asked her to do. no more triangle head or unruly hair. She wasnt afraid to put layers in my hair and she did a great job blending them. I have been to other salons claiming to be "curly hair experts" with the high price tags and they didnt do half as good a job. bravo!

Reviewed on 04.12.08

Stylist: Beth

After reading a positive review on Beth here, I went to her for a relaxer and trim. She did a great job and really knows hair down to a science. She does what the client needs in order not to cause breakage or damage to the hair. She has a great personality to boot. I have and would recommend her to my friends.

Reviewed on 08.27.07

Stylist: Nicole & Beth

Nicole did my cut and was amazing. I walked in with wet hair, and told her I wanted my hair armpit length when it's dry, and she knew exactly what length to cut it so it was the exact length I wanted. The style was nice, and she knew what to do with my hair since hers is naturally curly too. Beth did my blow dry and straightening (which I didn't want initially, but Nicole insisted) and it was AMAZING. Best ever. Absolutely no frizz and she almost didn't even need to use the flat iron. I loved it - great atmosphere, everyone was so nice and relaxed, and only $45

Reviewed on 08.21.06

Stylist: Lauren

Wonderful blow dry and straightening -- by far the best and longest lasting I've ever had! Awesome color and cuts, too. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 06.08.06