John Edwards

103 Church Street NE
Vienna, VA

User Reviews

Stylist: Lori or Chris

In the past, I was a victim of "hair trauma." Many a stylist has ruined my hair, and it's usually because they don't listen. But I am so confident of the work that Lori K. does, that I can fall asleep in her chair. She makes me look 5 years younger and ten pounds lighter! She has fixed the bad hair color that I came in with, and her highlights are perfect--not too obvious. She always listens to my input and does exactly what I ask. Regarding Chris--My son, age 14, wanted a new style. Chris (male) listened to him, let us show him pictures, and talked with my son to get a feel for his personality. Then he gave him the most amazing haircut--my son looked like a model!! Wow! I told him, "Girls are going to be writing in their journals about you!"

Reviewed on 12.16.07

Stylist: Chris Bayliss

I learned of Chris from the Naturally Curly site and decided to try him out. Fantastic. I have gone through stylist after stylist and have moved all over the country. I have not been this pleased in years. He has cut my daughter, another curly and for the first time in her 24 years, she came away satisfied enough that we didn't have to rush home for her to redo her hair. I felt the same way - I never left feeling like I should touch my hair at all. He is a gem. My husband was displeased with his stylist and wanted (at the last minute to boot) to try someone new. I called Chris who worked him in within an hour and my husband came away insisting it was the best haircut he had ever had! His coloring skills are amazing as well. I feel I have a simple request - make it look like my natural color. Many stylists have failed. I have come away with the dreaded orange look more than once. Chris is a master at mixing up a great color and has done a wonderful job of occasionally slipping in a few brown on brown highlights to make it all shine that much more. I cannot recommend him highly enough! I only wish we could convince him to move to Texas where we have relocated. But since he is such a gem, he has given me tips and the color formula he has used on my head so that I can at least have a little bit of continuity in my new town and a good lead on where to find another stylist!

Reviewed on 04.18.06