Dupre's Salon & Day Spa

1708 Pleasure House Road
Virginia Beach, VA

User Reviews

Stylist: Matt

I wanted to go to Rachel or Sarah after seeing the recommendations here. They were not available so I went with Matt at the receptionists suggestion. He did not disappoint! Matt is a fan of long hair and a fan of curly hair, and I have both. He gave a great consult in which he suggested ways to make it more flattering to my face. My new cut looks amazing! I LOVE MATT!!!

Reviewed on 10.01.11

Stylist: Rachel

For years I have hated my naturally curly hair. Then one day I stumbled upon this site and started reading different tips and techniques to tame and actually like my curly hair. One tip I read over and over again was to find a stylist who knew how to cut curly hair, that led me to do a search, which led me to Dupres'. I'd never been there before; nor had I heard of it but I thought, "what the heck can it hurt?" I tried to make an appointment with Sarah after reading the positive reviews she'd gotten on here, but she was booked solid. But the receptionist set me up with Rachel who I was promised knew how to cut curly hair as well as Sarah. The receptionist was dead on in her assessment of Rachel's abilities. With one hair cut she showed me which products to use, and how to style it (which was really easy to do on my own) and answered any and all questions I had. She even listened when I told her I still had to be able to put my hair up for work (I'm military). I actually LOVE my hair now and wear it down all the time(much to my bf's delight) instead of in the messy bun I'd usually do. So if Sarah's booked, you can go to Rachel and know that she does curly hair very well!

Reviewed on 08.24.11

Stylist: Sarah

Sarah gave me an amazing haircut. Years ago, I got an excellent haircut from another local salon. I kept going back to the salon because I hoped to replicate it, but it must have been a fluke because it never happened again. After shopping around a little and not finding a stylist that knew how to cut curly hair, I came across Sarah on this site. The reviews weren't lying! She gave me a wonderful haircut that I have been able to grow out and it still looks good! In the past, other stylists have cut distinct shelf like layers into my hair. Not Sarah. I told her my problem, she listened and fixed it in one cut! I will definitely be back!

Reviewed on 05.26.11

Stylist: Sarah

I've only gotten two good haircuts my entire life--one was in New York with Nick Arrojo, and the second was in Virginia Beach with Sarah at Dupre's. She is terrific. Both stylists used a razor to cut my hair, and I am convinced that that is the key to cutting curly hair correctly. Sarah does a fantastic job, I can't recommend her or her salon highly enough. Another reviewer said it was expensive, I didn't think so--it was only $50 for a shampoo, condition, cut, style, and blow dry. The place was clean and very nice, and they offered me a drink when I entered the salon. I am definitely going back.

Reviewed on 11.14.08

Stylist: Sarah

I just came back from my hair cut with sarah. All I can say is.....WOW!! She really knows what she is doing. I liked the fact that she is sincere in regards to what she can and can't do with your hair, Instead of promising something she can't deliver. So if your in Virginia Beach... I HIGHLY recommend Sarah!!

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Sarah

I just started going to Sarah and I can tell that she really knows what she is doing with my hair. When I go back next week it will be the first time I have gone back to anyone in years! After many many terrible haircuts from people that were clueless about my hair I have finally found someone I can trust.

Reviewed on 12.08.07

Stylist: Sarah

I've been going to Dupre's for many years and used to be a client of Jay's. However, it became difficult to get appointments with Jay so Sarah was recommended. I was very reluctant at first because Jay knew how to cut and color my color hair to my extreme satisfaction. Well, I have been going to Sarah now for many years and LOVE her! She is FABULOUS and really knows exactly how I like my hair (minus bobbie pins - inside joke). So if anyone is looking for a great stylist that knows exactly how to cut and COLOR curly hair, Sarah is your gal!

Reviewed on 08.02.07