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Stylist: Emily

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Emily is a goddess! She listened to my wavy hair woes and promised a cut I could wear straight or wavy and she totally delivered! There were three other wavy-curlies getting their hair cut by other stylists there and everyone looked awesome. They use Deva and Moroccanoil products there, but aren't at all pushy with the product sell. In fact, she wanted to know what kind of gel I use to pump up my texture.

Stylist: front desk

After hours of searching through reviews to find someone to cut my curly hair, which no one is apparently trained to do anymore, and hearing about my sisters great cut from Vain, her color was a nightmare though, I decided to give them a try. I have not even made it into the salon, but will say that based on my experience that they have no interest in obtaining or servicing new clients. I was told yesterday when I made the initial call that I was going to have to leave a number for them to call me back at as the receptionist was on a long phone call. I understand that this happens sometimes, so I told them that I would call back as I had some stuff that I needed to do. When I called back later I told the lady that I wanted to make an appointment for the 17th, the people that I was looking at were not in that day, so I asked if they had anything for the 18th. I made my appointment for the afternoon of the 18th. Today I got a call confirming my appointment for tomorrow, the 11th. I told the person who called that I had made the appointment for the 18th. I was told that there were no openings for that week. When I said that I was going to look for another salon, I was given a cheery, OK, thanks! I decided right then and there that this is a place that I would never visit, especially since she who makes the appointments does not know the difference between the numbers 11 and 18. It's pretty sad when I can write a review about a place that I have never even been to, but have talked to on the phone 3 times in less than 24 hours with negative results. Such a disappointment for a salon that is suppose to be so great.

Stylist: Zahra

After researching curly salons on this site and yelp I decided to try Vain. As a 20 something I don't have a ton of $$ so I asked for somebody who would be good with curls but wasn't too expensive; Vain recommended Zahra and boy am I glad that they did. Not only did Zahra encourage me to try the DevaCurl line (which has changed my hair drastically for the best) she cut my hair beautifully (no pyramid, no shelf, no awkward straggly pieces at the bottom.) She also gave me advice on how to style my hair as well as pleasantly chat all the way through. YAY FOR ZAHRA!!!

Stylist: Tina Juvonen

I'd like to add another rave for Tina (now at Spa Blix in South Lake Union). First, I can confirm what another reviewer mentioned - don't be fooled by her own short, sexy pixie cut - Tina knows curls! I was specifically impressed by her intelligent, flexible approach to the whole process. She listened attentively while we discussed the history of my hair and my goals going forward. She was also very open to exploring different techniques and changing her approach midstream as required. I should also mention, I had my lively, almost-three-year-old son with me, and Tina was very warm and patient toward him throughout. As for the results, I'm truly delighted with my newly bouncy, shapely curls and will definitely be a repeat client.

Stylist: Tina Juvonen

Tina is simply wonderful! I made an appointment based on reviews here, and was pleased beyond my expectations!!! She cut my curls dry and cut each curl individually. (Her method is very similar to the DevaCurl method!) Her approach to curly hair is very organic, personal, and artistic! Tina is a great listener, genuinely friendly, and is very intuative. I felt instantly comfortable with her- and was at complete ease while she cut my hair!She is truely a hair genius, and I recommend her to any curly girl who wants an amazing haircut! (Also, Tina has moved to Spa Blix in Seattle. She no longer works at Bocz Salon.)

Stylist: Tina

Tina has been well worth the 2,300 miles that I travel to see her! She truly has a gift of being able to understand her client's needs (even before they do!) through master communication and listening skills. I've tried to explain a thousand times over about her unique skill, but it simply can not be duplicated ANYWHERE! She cuts by curl and while dry. She'll "diagnose" product concerns as well. Her cut held beautifully for 6 months! Great color artist, too! I'm looking forward to another excuse to get through Seattle for a curl fix, with Tina!

Stylist: Tina

Tina is by far the best stylist to ever take a pair of scissors to this curly coiffure. I wanted a dramatic change from the same-length locks I'd had since high school and my new do is better than I could have imagined. Tina was extremely enthusiastic and confident in her abilities (as she well should be). She listened intently to what I wanted but I left most of the design in her capable hands. She used her unique style of cutting to create a fabulous look. Tina's a total delight and I recommend her without hesitation.

Stylist: Alexis

Alexis was very nice and listened to what i had to say about my hair. She gave me the best haircut of my life! It was well worth the 45 dollars! I recomend Alexis!

Stylist: Liza

I hauled my curls to Vain based on the comments on this website (and I HATE driving in the city...). What a disaster! Liza cut my hair like any other stylist. Wet and straight across. I left with the usual "shelf." What a disappointment. And this was after I explained to her that if you cut me straight across I look like an umbrella... I won't be back.

Reviewed by Guest on 12.29.07

Stylist: Tina

Went to Tina based on the reviews here and I was very happy. She is so sweet and really listens to what you want and talks to you a lot before she even begins to wash or cut so she can really understand your hair. She cuts each curl individually the way curly hair should be cut. Why pull hair straight and cut if straight's not how it naturally lies? I've seen a LOT of different stylists, but this was the best cut I've had - and she wasn't given a whole lot to work with either because the previous stylist had COMPLETELY botched it!

Reviewed by Guest on 9.11.07

Stylist: Tina Juvonen

Tina's haricut is by far the BEST hair cut i have ever gotten. She cuts each curl rather then pull it stright and cut your hair as if you had bone straight hair. Dont be fooled when you see her short staright hair, she is AMAZING.

Reviewed by Guest on 11.6.06

Stylist: Tina Juvonen

I went to Tina based on the reviews here, and she didn't disappoint! She is excellent with curly hair and very receptive to the client, making sure the cut will work with day to day styling. I had the same all-one-length curls for years, and the cut I got from Tina was a great update and still easy to manage. The cut also lasted, so no need for trims in between visits. She's not inexpensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. I would highly recommend her.

Reviewed by Guest on 3.23.06