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Stylist: Kimberly Walton

Kimberly is the BEST. I have naturally curl hair, and wear it both curly and straight (blow dry & flat iron) in any given week, so I need a cut that will look good both ways. I agree with the other posts that she takes the time to assess what condition your hair is in and how she will cut it for your type of curl. Kimberly texturizes my hair and cuts it so that it has enough movement so that no matter how I wear it, it looks great! I always get compliments after a visit to Headquarters. I live out of state and have been to several other places that claim they can cut curly hair, and I always end up disappointed. I try to get in to see Kimberly any time I am in town. As corny as it sounds, she really helps my hair be the best that it can be, and I am always happy with the results! I highly, highly recommend!

Reviewed on 02.14.11

Stylist: Kimberly Walton

My first visit was a lucky cancellation. The salon was kind of busy due to being the day before New Years Eve. Kimberly is very down to earth, easy to talk to, and boy, does she know hair. She studied both my hair and scalp and asked me lots of questions about what I wanted. I had read both Curl Talk and Curly Girl and had been longing for someone that could give me what I had been reading about. The rest of the staff there is also friendly, and it was also the first salon I have ever been in that did not smell awful due to products used for processes like color and perms (Aveda)... She is truly my new curly godmother, although I confess I mis-spoke and referred to her as my new Hairy Godmother...

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Kimberly Walton

Kimberly is the best stylist that I have ever had! She works with your hair, its capabilities and your time constraints. I have healthy, happy hair and look at least twenty years younger since Kimberly has taken control! She is simply the best!

Reviewed on 12.18.10

Stylist: Kimberly

I just went in today after years of getting an actual cut at a salon. I have super curly hair so it's hard to find a place that actually KNOWS how to cut it. Kimberly really knows her stuff when it comes to curly hair.. She isn't costly either. I'd soo recommend her!(:

Reviewed on 08.27.10

Stylist: Kimberly

Kimberly truly is wonderful! I am always afraid to try a new stylist after having been burned by one too many bad hair cuts. Kimberly listens and knows her curls! I have a great cut and for the first time in a long time I can't wait to go back for my next hair cut!! Due to a string of bad cuts it is going to take some growing out and another cut or 2 to get the look I want but I'm certain Kimberly can do it. Thanks to all of the ladies that reviewed her. They helped me find exactly what I was looking for!

Reviewed on 04.23.10

Stylist: Kimberly

I absolutely love Kimberly at Headquarters Salon! I was very apprehensive about getting my hair cut (having not let scissors touch the curls in over a year, yikes!), so I did my research. I saw these reviews for Headquarters and made an appointment. Boy am I glad I did. I've seen Kimberly twice now and I would not trust anyone else with my curls. She's an artist with her scissors. Her work is truly amazing. From the moment you sit down in her chair, she makes you feel right at home. She doesn't even pick up her scissors until she is sure of what you want. She talks to you and actually gets to know you. I used to dread going to get my hair cut and now I can't wait for my next appointment! I would recommend Headquarters Salon to anyone who wants a good haircut.

Reviewed on 04.15.10

Stylist: Kim....aka curl guru of Central Valley!

Well I would like to start this hair fairy-tale review off by saying I have found my "Curly god-mother!" Kim was just so wonderful and helpful to my head of curls. She was extremely knowledgeable and confident in her approach to curls. I felt extremely safe with her and completely trusted what she had in mind for my hair. I drove from Fresno which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away. Although that's a bit of a pain, I have no trouble doing it to finally have someone do me right! She was able to teach me things about my hair that I never knew. I am so lucky to have found her because my little girls is blessed with curls as well and I am happy to be able to help her better care and understand her hair. Thanks KIM...your a lovely woman and you do great work. See you in a few months!!!

Reviewed on 03.04.10

Stylist: Kim

"When you come in, wear your hair how you wear it everyday" That is THE MOST reassuring thing you want to hear while booking an appt. for your curly hair. I was very pleased to find Kim, who knows more about curly hair than I do! From the structure of curly hair to learning how to utilize the maximum potential of your curls, I was thrilled at how knowledgeable she was. I was equally happy when I left.....a "curly girl"

Reviewed on 07.17.09

Stylist: Kimberly

I walked in with hair down to my waist, I walked out with hair up to my ears! And I LOVE IT! I hadn't cut my curls since I reloctaed to Bakersfield-scared I wouldn't be able to trust a new stylist. I searched for an Aveda salon and found the reviews here about Kim. I was totally ready for a new hair/new me look and Kim gave me all that and then some! With every follow up appointment, Kim helps me to keep my curls looking fab by helping to research books and other information on keeping my hair naturally curly! ;)

Reviewed on 06.13.08

Stylist: Kimberly

I LOVE KIM! Wowzers! Me and my uber long curls relocated to Bakersfield a little over 2 yrs ago. (I used to live in the S.F. Bay Area.) I desperately missed my stylist from the Bay who helped me to take good care of my curls, so naturally I was crazy nervous about finding someone to cut my hair out here in NoMansLand. I waited a ridiculously long 18 months before I even dare to try finding a stylist who took curly hair seriously. And when I began looking for a salon/stylist, I was saddened to discover that many of the salons/stylists here wanted to cut my hair then straighten it! ( Cuz' straight hair is all the rage here. :rolley-eyes: ) Yikes! All I wanted was a great cut to show off my awesome curls. After many a Google search, I stumbled upon NaturallyCurly.com and found the 2 lone reviews about Kim, the owner of Headquarters. Since I've great experience with Aveda products, I anxiously made an appointment. After 2 crazy stupid hot summers here in Bakoville, I knew that me and my super long curls needed to part. I simply could not stand the weight & heat of them on my hot little head any longer! So when I arrived, I explained to Kim how I was ready for a drastic change. She asked me repeatedly to confirm my desires to go short, (to make sure I wouldn't end up with buyers remorse!), and I gave the go-ahead. She cut 80% of my hair while dry, taking great care to help the curls fall into their naural position in a fabulously cute, short, edgy style. After washing my hair she only added a little serum and curl creme to keep my locks on full bounce mode-and MY HAIR LOOKED CRAZY BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT!

Reviewed on 05.11.08

Stylist: Kimberly

I got Kimberly's name from the previous recommendation on this web-site. It is really hard to find someone who is knowledgeable about curly hair and knows how to cut, color and most all teach you the tricks to make your curly hair work better. Kimberly is the most knowlegeable stylist for curly hair that I have tried in Bakersfield (and I have tried a lot). She is also very good with color which was a bonus. I would definately recommend you give her a try if need help with your curly hair!

Reviewed on 02.22.07

Stylist: Kimberly

Kimberly has moved from Savvy Concepts and started her own very lovely Aveda salon in NE Bakersfield. I just came from my appointment and I have to say, she still does a fantastic job! My color is great, and my hair feels light and free-- my curls are out of their shell and it feels fantastic! Check her out, she really knows what she is doing. She has many curly haired clients who will say the same. She'll give you a makeover that you will just love.

Reviewed on 09.19.06