Gene Juarez

4502 S Steele St Suite 1139
Tacoma, WA

User Reviews

Stylist: KEVIN

Was recommended by the reception that there were two artist that can do ethnic hair. I am sure he had great potential but was not experienced ,with my 3C kinky curly hair. His words were "I have never seen a curly pattern this tight" I am thinking his clients are probably bi-racial which is easier to manage. If you are a 2b maybe 3a and below he might work but not kinky curly. I wanted a trim and with all the confusion could not cut curly and recommended a blow which I was not wanting at the time, when I was expected at least a cut curly wet.

Reviewed on 01.29.12

Stylist: Cori

I have sorta wavy hair. 2B. I went to Rochelle because of this review and I liked her quite a bit. My friend has Type 3 hair and Rochelle did a great job on her hair. However, when Rochelle was out, I went to Cori and she cut my hair even better. My friend can't really afford Gene Juarez right now but she says she will continue with Rochelle as soon as she can. They are both very nice people and do not push products on you. And GJ has a ton of products!

Reviewed on 11.04.11

Stylist: Heather Bowker

Heather is THE best - every time I get a haircut, I ask for a straight blowout - only because for me to do it, it never looks as good, and takes forever! Anyhow.......after a couple of days of straight hair, when I wash it, I'm always astounded by how great my hair looks. And - an amazing feat - after umpteen years of 'mall bangs', she was the one who finally was able to convince me to grow out my bangs, and I love it!!!

Reviewed on 01.01.11

Stylist: Rochelle

Rochelle cut my hair and she did an AMAZING job! I have fine 3b hair and was very nervous because stylists always cut too much off my hair. But Rochelle barely took any length off and she was able to make some slight adjustments to enhance the shape. She was already aware of the CG method and didn’t act weird when I asked her to use the products that I brought with me. She finished my hair by selecting a curling iron that matched my curl pattern and using it accentuate a couple of strands that were a little limp. My hair looked better than it has ever looked! When my husband picked me up from the salon he almost didn’t recognize me and he kept commenting on how gorgeous my hair looked.

Reviewed on 02.15.10

Stylist: Corey

I haven't gone there yet to have my hair done in a curly style. But I went there to get my hair cut, straightened and a little wave put in it for my wedding. Corey not only did an amazing job, she was incredibly sweet and friendly, too. She made my hair feel so silky and smooth, and she created the exact style I wanted. She is wonderful!!!

Reviewed on 12.20.08

Stylist: Rochelle

Please let me start by saying that Rochelle was very nice and easy to talk to. I felt bummed because I thought that we had communicated pretty well. Also, I like to let the stylist have some freedom with the cut since they are the experts and hopefully knows what looks best. After saying that I did not want bangs I ended up with short bangs that I have to straighten. Since she did not cut my hair where it usually parts, stating a center part would give me more styling options, I only have a little sprig on the right side of my face. They are not at all flattering. All this for $15 more than the other two stylist that I saw there. Maybe it was an off day? Too bad for me.

Reviewed on 04.27.08

Stylist: Rochelle

I had an amazing cut from Rochelle who really understands face shape and how curly hair should fall according to that shape. I absolutely love my hair now. She pointed out what needed to be fixed and changed and did an amazing job doing it. The best part was, she didn't cut too much off. I've noticed in the past that my hair needed to adjust to my trims but this time my hair fell in the way it was supposed to and seemed to love the cut.

Reviewed on 07.29.06