Phases Hair Designers

15460 W Capitol Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005

User Reviews

Stylist: Karen

I went to Phases and Karen after reading the multiple positive reviews on and after my previous stylist failed to even trim my hair for over a year. I can't remember the name of the girl who colored my hair, I think it was Gina, but she did an excellent job under Karen's guidance. Karen then gave me a new style, all the while keeping my length as requested. She gave me tips on how to do my hair and maintain it. I loved the products she used and will be buying some as soon as my products run out. It was the first time I left a salon not having to fix my hair or shower after to do it how I want. She also guarantees her color, so if I wasn't satisfied I could go back and get it fixed for free. She also explained that all her stylists are trained to cut curly hair and they charge less than her. I will definitely be going back and be bringing my curly haired husband with me.

Reviewed on 06.15.12

Stylist: Karen

It has been a week since I have gotten my haircut by Karen. I still absolutely love it! It was exactly what I was looking for. I went in for a consultation a couple of weeks prior to my appointment. She takes her time to listen and tell you what she thinks. My prior stylist has straight hair and just wasn't understanding how I wanted my curls to lay. Instead she was making my hair 1 length which wasn't good for my hair. Karen has curly hair and understands how it needs to be cut to lay as well as get as much body as possible for my type curl. She charges more than I would normally spend but so far it has been worth it. There salon has moved a couple of years ago to: 15460 W Capitol Dr. Brookfield

Reviewed on 08.05.11

Stylist: Karen

I highly recommend Karen for cutting curly hair. This was my first time seeing her as I just moved from CT to WI and was scared to death of having a triangle cut into my head! I told her that up front and she reassured me that wouldn't happen - and it didn't. She's a curly girl herself so she completely understood my fears. She is such a sweet lady. Very down to earth and so friendly. She spent a TON of time with me. My hair turned out great and so soft and curly. I've found my new hair stylist. Thanks Karen!

Reviewed on 08.04.11

Stylist: Karen

Karen totallly understands and brings out the best in curly hair! She made my chaotic curls look great, with an easy to style hair cut that even I can maintain and repeat at home. She also gave me helpful hints on diet and vitamins to help minimize breakage, and keep my hair looking healthy and frizz-free.

Reviewed on 04.18.11

Stylist: Karen Marsh

After moving back to the Midwest from New York City several years ago, I was in a complete panic over who would be cutting my type 2b curls. I loved my stylist in New York and couldn't imagine finding anyone better. Enter Karen at Phases. A true curly herself, she was warm and welcoming the first time I met her and took the time to listen about all of my curly hair issues before she started cutting. I've been seeing Karen for almost 4 years, and even though I live quite a distance from her salon, I couldn't imagine having anyone else cut my hair. I've never had a bad haircut from Karen. She's truly the best!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Karen

I have looked for years for someone that can actually cut and color curly hair and I have finally found her. Karen and the entire salon pay very close attention to detail and perfection. I am very hard to please and have had some really bad experiences with hair stylists that say they know how to cut curly hair and most often they do not, but you will not have this problem with Karen. My cut turned out perfect and have not had one bad comment about my new style and color. The colors she chose for me are me and match my complexion perfectly but also enhances my skin tone. I would recommend Phases to anyone and everyone and have since. This place is a gold mind and I am so happy a good friend told me about her. Thanks Karen and to all at Phases for making my day. Miki

Reviewed on 12.01.09

Stylist: Karen

Would not recommend this salon to anyone. My haircut was a disaster, and the color with Joey wasn't much better. I had to have both corrected at a different salon. Karen left my hair horribly crunchy, stringy, and untouchable. The cut was uneven, with the top very short and everything else a mess. Will never go back.

Reviewed on 04.11.09

Stylist: Karen & Joey

After having the same hair style for over two years and coloring it myself, I decided it was time for a change. Having never been to a salon that made me want to come back, I read some reviews and decided to go to Phases. Karen, who owns the salon, is so nice and was able to squeeze me in. Joey toned down my base color and gave me some beautiful low lights. He did such a great job, my color has never looked so good and I get complements on it everyday. Karen gave me a really nice cut and layered it just perfect. She understood exactly what I wanted and now I wish I would have went years ago.

Reviewed on 04.19.08

Stylist: Karen

I know Phases and Karen were already both mentioned, but Karen is so great, I had to give her another two thumbs up! She's so great when it comes to working on naturally-curly people because she is one of them herself, which I believe gives her the edge over others because she know about our hair! She is the first hair stylist I've gone to that makes me leave truly happy. In the past, I'd go home and re-wash and re-style my hair because they'd do a horrible job - but now that I'm with Karen, that is a thing of the past! My husband has even noticed a difference, he compliments me every time I come back from seeing Karen, and is even more thrilled that I'm happy, and am no longer complaining about my cut for the next 4 weeks, or having to come home and restyle it. I'm SO happy my friend referred me to Karen, I hightly recommend her to EVERYONE and will keep on going to see her until she retires (which hopefully won't be for a long time. ;)

Reviewed on 09.21.07

Stylist: Karen

Karen did a great job when my sister and I both went in for cuts and color. She spent a lot of time with both of us; explained what she was doing to our hair and recommend the appropriate products but didn't push us to buy anything. This was a refreshing change from the Brookfield area salon I had been to 2 months previous to going to Phases, where it was about selling products to me the minute I walked in the front door. Karen was great, friendly, courteous and pleasant. I loved what she did as far as style and color. I will definitely go back. Karen really knows her curls!

Reviewed on 04.18.07

Stylist: Karen

Wow. I can not say enough about Karen. She is truley a "hair designer". I took my 10 year old boy in to get a cut based on a review on this site. He has extremly culry, wavy, thick hair. Other stylists have layered, razored, and texturized his hair which made it huge. (He wants longer hair). She is the first stylist that told me exactly how it needed to be cut and how she would do it. She tunneled out the curl and made his thick head of hair light and wavy. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone within 2 hr driving distance. You will not be disappointed. She was amazing. I myself (straight haired) will be making an appointment for myself. Thank you soooooo much to the first person who wrote about Karen. She is awsome

Reviewed on 02.17.06